Quokka For Sale


The quokka is a marsupial and the only member of the genus setonix. Quokka are small, about five to eleven pounds, roughly the size of a house cat. They are brown to buff in color and are shaped like time kangaroos. Quokka are predominantly nocturnal.


Quokka for sale

No Quokka currently listed for placement

Quokka are native to a cluster of small islands off the coast of southwestern Australia, but there are also small, isolated colonies of quokka living in the coastal forests of mainland Australia between Perth and Albany.

What do Quokka Eat?

Quokka eat many different kinds of vegetation, such as grasses and leaves. The animals have a high water requirement despite living in a relatively dry region, but they get most of their water from eating plants with high moisture content.

Quokka in Captivity

Quokka are curious creatures who like to run and climb. They are quite adept at seeking out food that campers thought was secure. They benefit from puzzle feeders and having to work to get to their food so treats hidden inside hollowed gourds will keep them entertained.



 Quokka reach adulthood by age one and half. The gestational period is about one month long, after which the female gives birth to a single offspring, called a joey. Like all marsupials, the mother has a pouch in which the newborn baby lives until it becomes more fully developed. Quokka joeys remain in the pouch for the first six months of life. The joey still needs its mother for milk for two more months.


  • Hi on September 20
    They are the cutest thing on the earth. I NEED one!
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    Quokkas have the funniest smiles :) I love them so much and i really want to own one!!!
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    Would love to acquire one of these lads, please get back to me asap. Must have quokka will fly out
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    I want one
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    I want one
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    I want one where do I get one
  • Gordon Courtney uk on November 20
    They are lovely. Yes we pet and feed them on Rotness they are so gentle we must protect them from danger. I see no reason why they cannot be pets and breed wonderful animals love them. Needs to be controlled though.
  • Paraskevas Ellis on November 3
    I would love to own at least 2 to help populate these cute creatures.
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    So excited!! I can't wait to get mine!!!
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    I want a quokka so I can name it Jisung 😭
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    I want one so badly
  • Tony on January 14
    You know what frustrates me? People say that these animals should only be in the wild but obviously the wild is not treating them well. There are many animals they have a higher population in captivity than in the wild. And this has nothing to do with taking them from the wild it has to do with breeding. In some cases the animals in captivity were the reason that we were able to repopulate the wild. For some strange Justice Warrior need people hate on people having them as pets.
  • Nana on December 31
    Please tell me these little animals are NOT for sale! Let them alone to live where they were meant to be. Not to be someone’s pet for a little while and then discarded. Let them keep on being the happiest little animals on the planet, unlike so many others that are subjected to And mistreated by humans just for their pleasure. 😢
  • Sam Mishra on December 25
    they are illegal to have cause they are endangered
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    I WANT ONE!!!! SO BAD😭😭😭
  • Hi on December 16
    Don’t quokkas have to stay in the wild?
  • MADDIE on December 9
    They are so cute, but leave them be. They are meant to live in the wild, not to be pets. :(
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    i want a quokka, please.
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    They are so cute
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