Koala Bears For Sale

Koala Bears

The Koala bear is a native to Australia. It belongs to the family of Phascolarctidae and this means that the wombats are its closest living relatives. Koala bears are usually found in coastal areas of Australia's southern and eastern regions such as South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland. Koala bears are mostly found in woodlands and forests and they to inhabit places with cool temperate and tropical climates, especially if it's close to a nearby creek or stream.

No Koala Bears currently listed for placement

Koala Housing

If you want to keep it protected and/or caged, its best that you plant a tree and then form an enclosure around the tree. Also, make sure that the enclosure has enough sunlight as possible as this will mimic their natural habitat. You can make a small shelter that the Koala bear may use during times of rough weather. If you want the optimum housing for your Koala bear, plant more than one tree. In fact, plant as many trees as possible.

Koala Enrichment

Koalas are not very active and they usually sleep for 20 hours a day. However, there are a few ideas you might want to add as a means for your pet Koala's enrichment such as lots of trees to climb and ropes to play with. Koalas are not social animals and most Koala bonding are usually participated only by the mother and her young.

Koala Diet

Koala bears are herbivores, meaning they only eat plants. A koala bear's favorite food is the eucalyptus leaves. However, they are known to consume other kinds of vegetation, mostly low fiber and high-protein content leaves. A koala bear can consume 400 grams of leaves per day, spread over 4 to 6 feeding sessions. So make sure you have ample leaves and schedule your day for the appropriate feeding times. Most Koala bears do not need to drink water. They get all their fluid needs from the leaves they eat. However, this largely depends on your Koala. If your Koala bear is larger than the average size for its age, then he or she may need additional source of water. Just make sure that you keep the water clean and change it regularly, otherwise it may be a cause of health problems.

Koala Breeding

Koala bears are not very active when it comes to breeding. In fact, they only breed from the month of December to March. A Koala bear is ready to breed around 2 to 3 years of age. Breeding koalas need to be well fed as they have a tendency to avoid mating if they do not have the energy to spare. Once the female is pregnant, you can expect a baby Koala bear after 35 days later. Koalas are marsupials, which mean they have a pouch in their abdomen to carry their young.

Koalas tend to move slowly to conserve energy. Koalas are tree-dwelling creatures and they spend most of their lives in the treetops. Koalas have unique characteristics, such as fluffy ears, spoon shaped nose and tailless body, that makes it distinguishable by anyone at first sight. One distinguishable characteristic of Koala bear is their fur. It's thick and wooly. The fur protects the Koala from extreme high and low temperatures. Also, the fur acts like a raincoat. The color of the coat may be light gray to dark brown, and the color largely depends on where your Koala is originally from. Koalas from the southern part of Australia have thicker and darker fur compared to the north.


  • Julius dagostino on December 1
    How much does a koala cost
  • Brandon D. on October 4
    I'll take a koala when they're available..currently building a sanctuary in Wisconsin and I am going to have a great spot to take care of these and will be available to see for public per state laws.
  • Lesa Morris on September 25
    I want a Koala to love and care for so badly. I have accommodations for her and she will be cared for and loved like a little princess. I am almost 59 years old and I’m very good with animals and have my own precious ones too. Please contact me, it would be greatly appreciated.
  • KayKay on August 15
    Is this legal?
  • Shi on July 17
    I am willing to buy koala
  • Naomi on June 5
    I would to buy a baby koala.
  • Rod Palmer on April 3
    Please correct your information. Koalas are NOT bears. Nothing to do with them.
  • Madison on March 16
    I would really like to buy one of your koalas any prize please respond back soon as possible i really am intrested i have everything it takes to take care of a koala and i have the nautral habit for it and food and water it will surive forever in my cae . i am 20 years old married please let me take care i will love it and take lots of care of it
  • Evan Gomez on February 13
    I live in California with a huge area of land Think it would be great for koalas to live
  • Alexyanah Griffin on February 1
    OMG I have been wanting a koala🐨scence my 13th birthday and my dad said that I couldn't get one but now I can!!!! YAY!!!😆
  • sheila iaconelli on January 24
    i would like to have 2
  • Wild life expert on January 19
    They are cute but they are a lot safer in the wild then in your house
  • Teagan on January 17
    I love 💕 koalas
  • Piper on January 2
    I would love to have a koala but I dont think you can in wisconsin soo I dont think I have any chances
  • Danny sang on November 16
    I would love one as a pet.
  • Josh on June 24
    I’ve planted a fenced, grey gum eucalyptus forest in Texas, and Michelle can go get bent. Artificial habitats may be the only future these creatures have. When my trees are filled out, I’ll find a pair if I have to sail my yacht there and catch them myself. Let your cat out Karen… I mean Michelle. It belongs in the wild
  • Jeff Morgan on May 22
    I heard that the koala fingerprints are identical to a human, I am doing a job soon and would love a couple for company
  • Hunter on May 13
    Can u buy one/ how much
  • Carlie on April 16
    I need a koala lol there my favorite animal I’d legit be the best person to have one
  • Trina Combs on April 6
    I live on s nice farm in Leroy MI and can make a very nice home for Koala bear so please send me some information on how I can purchase to add a new member to our family
  • Holly on March 30
    They are an endangered animal endemic to Australia. What gives you any right to keep one as a pet when your only qualifications are a desire to dominate a wild animal as a status symbol? most of you have no business owning a pet rock, let alone an ANIMAL. Not even just Koalas. The amount of people iv seen like 'I want a hyena because they remind me of a giant German shepherd'... They are not dogs. They are no pets. No animals on this website are, aside from some ferrets and chinchillas.
  • Freya Parker on March 23
    This is crossing the line. Koalas and any other wild animals are meant to be in the wild where they belong, so stop this now please. It's cruel to them.
  • Apolinar Fonseca on February 19
    Look live Koalas, they are my favorite animals and I've loved them since K5 I would love to be able to raise one but I choose not to because I don't have the funds to make sure they are well taken care of and happy so don't buy one unless you are committed to them. Koalas are as important as children and your dog or cat.
  • Madee on February 16
    For all of you idiots saying you shouldn’t own a koala; guess what, their habitat is being destroyed as we speak and offering them a safe home is not a sin. But, I’m not saying keeping animals in a cage is ok. If you are to have a wild animal, you must give them the appropriate amount of space, feed them their natural diet, and give them a habitat that makes them comfortable and happy.
  • Michelle on February 9
    Wildlife is wildlife, it doesn’t belong in a house, or in a cage, it belongs where it came from. The wild. Stop this bs
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    I have been looking for a koala to take care of and to have as exotic pet
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    PLEASE: Please don't sell koala's and other animals that should be living in the wild, they are not meant to be pets.
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  • Truth Teller on August 8
    You CANNOT own a Koala bear legally in any Country in the world including Australia. The only exceptions are Zoos, Sanctuaries, etc. And some scientists involved in special studies as well. However I am not sure if the fact that they have possession of them means they actually own them. I get the feeling that the government could come take a Koala Bear away from you no problem.
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