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Jaguars are the third largest member of the big cat family, second only to lions and tigers, and are the largest big cat that is native to the Americas. Although jaguars most closely resemble leopards, they are behaviorally more like tigers. An apex predator, jaguars are typically solitary, opportunist ambush hunters with an exceptionally powerful bite that can easily pierce though a skull or the armored shell of reptiles. The number of jaguars in the wild is declining and they are considered a near-threatened species.

Jaguar for sale

Savannah Kitten(Male) F5 Smoke Color

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  • Posted: 03/12/2023
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Exotic Hybrid Smoke color kitten looks like Jaguar Sweet Loving personality comes with health guarantee with certificate Microchip vaccines. All kittens are TICA registered

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Jaguar Housing

For a single jaguar, an enclosure that measures, at a minimum, twenty feet by fifteen feet is required. If additional animals are kept in the same enclosure, it should be at least fifty-percent larger. Safety of the keepers and public should be the top concern when creating an enclosure for jaguars. The walls should be at least sixteen feet high and made from steel chain link fencing, or another veterinarian-approved material, and it should be securely fastened to the cement flooring. If a dirt floor is being used, there should be an underfencing in place that extends at least three and a half feet into the cage and covered with dirt and gravel. Enclosures should have ceilings so the animal does not climb out. Elevated ledges will give the animal a place to sleep and lounge. There should also be stalls within the enclosure that measure at least eight feet by eight feet. Keepers can secure the jaguars in these stalls when cleaning the enclosure and for veterinarian visits.

What does a Jaguear Eat?

In the wild, jaguars are carnivorous hunters who stalk and ambush their prey. But they usually don’t eat every day. Whenever possible, they should be given a whole animal to eat, rather than a portion of an animal, like horsemeat. These big cats extract vitamins and minerals that they need from consuming all parts of their prey, including bones, fur and feathers. They should also be given a variety of meats.

Jaguar Enrichment

Jaguars in captivity benefit from experiences that replicate what they would do in the wild. Lofty perches or trees with multiple branches will allow them to sleep perched above ground. Logs place around the enclosure will give them a way to sharpen their claws. In the wild, jaguars are stealthy, therefore, the enclosure should have dense vegetation and plenty of places for the animal to hide. Food can be used sparingly as enrichment items.

Breeding Jaguar

Female jaguars do not have a specific breeding time. Because they are solitary animals, the female jaguar must seek out the males when she is in heat. She does this by calling out to him. The cubs, between one and four per litter, are born between 91 and 111 days after mating and the mother is solely responsible for raising them. The cubs learn to hunt with their mother when they are about five or six months old, but they typically stay with their mother until they are about two years old.


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