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What is called the Nubian goat in the United States, is known as the Anglo-Nubian goat outside of North America. Originally from Africa and the Middle East, this breed of goat is now used almost exclusively for milk production, rather than meat production. The milk of Nubian goats has the highest butterfat content of any goat breed, which makes them favored above goat breeds that produce more milk. Nubians can have coats of any color and pattern. All Nubians, though, are easily recognized by their lop ears, Roman nose, and pendulous udder.

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Nubian Habitat

Because they hail from Africa and the Middle East, Nubian goats are well-suited for hot climates. A well-ventilated barn and a secure pasture are needed for housing Nubian goats. This breed of goat is clever and quite good a jumping so gates should have locks and fences should be high enough to prevent escapes.

What do Nubian Goats Eat?

Nubian goats are ruminants. They like to graze, but should be given access to high-quality hay. They can be given a small serving of grain or goat pellets, as well, but guide against over eating. Smart Nubians have been known to break into feed rooms and gorge themselves on pellets or grain. It is a myth that goats will eat anything, including tin cans. They are actually rather picky browsers, but they will try just about anything, so they may nibble a taste of anything offered to them, but they may not actually eat it.

Goat Enrichment

Nubian goats are social animals. They are natural herd animals so they do best when kept with other goats. They enjoy human interaction and have distinct personalities. They like climbing and benefit from wooden structures or rocky hills in their pasture.

Breeding Nubian Goats

Nubian goats have a longer breeding season than other goat breeds. This means they can produce milk almost year round. The scent of a rutting buck will cause a female Nubian goat to go into heat. After a gestational period of 150 days, she will give birth to, most commonly, twins or triplets. Single births are uncommon.


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