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Myotonic, or Fainting goats, are domestic goats that stiffen and freeze for approximately three seconds when startled, making for hilarious video posted on You Tube. The goats don’t actually faint – they don’t lose consciousness – but they do experience temporary paralysis. This is caused by a genetic disorder called myotonia congenitia. Fainting goats are a small variety of goat. They are 17 to 25 inched tall and weigh 60 to 120 pounds. They car classified as meat goats, raised for chevron.

Fainting goats.

  • Price: $800.00
  • Name: Michael & Tammy Herren
  • Posted: 05/09/2024
  • Phone: 573-406-8206
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  • Location: Illinois

Four nannie fainters. Not bred. 1 year old. Tame eat out of your hands.

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Pet Fainting Goat

Like all breeds of goat, fainting goats are fairly easy to care for and are commonly found on hobby farms. They need a small barn or shed to shelter them from the elements and a pasture area in which to graze.

Fainting Goats Diet

Fainting goats’ primary food is hay. Like all other goats, they have a ruminant digestive system that is designed to digest hay, grass, and other plant material. They can also be fed small quantities of grains and goat pellets.

Goat Enrichment

Goats like to climb and fainting goats are no exception. Wooden ramps, stairs and platforms will keep the goats entertained. They are extremely intelligent and social. They like the company of other goats and detest solitude. Fainting goats make wonderful companion animals and are often kept as pets or show animals.

Breeding Fainting Goats

Although female fainting goats, or does, are sexually mature as early as four months, they should not be bred until they are at least twelve months old. The gestational period for fainting goats is between 145 and 155 days. The doe will give birth to one to three babies, called kids. The average lifespan of a goat is around ten to fifteen years.


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