Flying squirrels For Sale

Flying squirrels are members of the rodent family. Their name is a bit of a misnomer. They are not able to fly in the way that birds, bats, or insects fly, but instead they glide through the air using their paragium, a sail-like membrane stretched between the animal’s wrist and ankle. Although they are similar to other squirrels, their limb bones are elongated and their hand and foot bones are shorter. A long tail gives stability during flight and they animal can control its flight by moving its limbs and tail.

Southern Flying Squirrel Babies Hand Raised

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Southern Flying Squirrel Babies for Sale We hand-raise our babies and send them with all the needed supplies to get you going with them. Our baby squirrels are very sweet and are handled daily! Pickup in Kingsbury Texas Check out our website for...

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Flying Squirrel

Flying squirrels do not require particularly large cages, but they do need room to climb and run. A tall cage is ideal, as the animal needs move vertical space than floor space. A sugar glider cage works well, as does a tall bird cage. The cage should be made of metal because the flying squirrel chews on wood and bamboo. Rope swings and branches arranged in the cage will give the animal places to climb and glide from. Flying squirrels have not mastered drip-type water bottles, therefore, shallow bowls of water should be provided.

Enrichment for Flying squirrel

Flying squirrels can bond with their owners. Although they are nocturnal, they will spend time with their owners during the day, especially if they are allowed to curl up in a pocket or pouch worn by the owner. Branches in the animal’s cage can be used as perches for gliding or as chew toys. Flying squirrels also find enrichment by cracking open hard nut shells. Flying squirrels also benefit from an exercise wheel.

What do Flying squirrels eat?

Flying squirrels thrive on a diet of pine nuts, pumpkin seeds, walnuts, hickory nuts, wild bird seed and vegetables, such as sweet potatoes and corn. They can also eat waxworms and mealworms, hard-boiled eggs, and small bits of chicken. Many flying squirrels also fall victim to calcium deficiency so a calcium block, cuttlebone, or mineral block should also be placed in its cage.

Breeding Flying squirrels

Flying squirrels typically mate twice a year, during the warmer months. The females are pregnant for approximately 40 days and will give birth to litters of one to six babies, although most commonly, the litter size is two or three offspring. The babies reach adulthood in twelve months.


  • sheila on August 26
    looking to get a baby flying squirrel
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    I think these animals are adorable, I have been trying to find one to have as a pet. I would take care of him or her as well as can be and keep it happy and safe. Preferably bought in the USA, close to Missouri.
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    looking for a flying squirrel
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    I want to inquire about purchasing a male and female flying squirrel, preferably around 5-6 weeks of age. How soon would some be available, and how much for a pair?
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    Do you have siberian flying squirrels?
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    I'm wanting to adapt one
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    how much for a male and female
  • Leo on July 24
    how much for a male and female