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  • Posted On: 03/04/2024
  • Title: F4 Savannah female jungle hybrid kitten
  • Name: Savannah Hybrid Cubs
  • Location: Abingdon, Maryland
  • Meet Rosette jr is a F4 Savannah, jungle, cat, hybrid, female kitten. I am Julie from Savannah hybrid cubs Md. we are a growing cattery family run by us and our five kids. We had many professional photos done over the weeks but they grow so fast having such large parents, I wanted you to get a idea of them right now, right this second in this stage of their life. We are almost on our next litters so willing to take offers if your near Md or can pick up or facilitate pet nanny flight or your own flight to pick up. She is very sweet loving and cuddly.

    Her appearance is very unique because her mother being in gold spotted F3 jungle cat Savannah hybrid, she was sired by our f4 Savannah jungle hybrid stud Kovu. She has really dark black spots from the Savannah side, but she also got 1 gold spot from her mother on her forehead. She is beautiful and would make a beautiful companion for anyone or great for a new addition to a family.

    She has been dewormed, flea treated, vet checked, guaranteed health. We require 1/4 down to reserve before we can meet up or she leaves our property, the rest upon arrival of buyer, pet flight ect. We are located in Abingdon Maryland. If you’re not from here, we around 45. But Baltimore city, a little over that from Washington DC and 30-1hr to pa depending on where we’re going in Pa. It’s so big. Please text my phone number, you can call too but sometimes I ignore calls if I don’t recognize the number or you can always leave a voicemail, but texting is your best bet at getting a hold of me! My name

    Is Julie.443-903-6351. She’s a wonderful kitten and I really will miss her but it’s time for her to find her forever family. She is 4.5 months old and her current diet is Mazuri small exotic cat, blue buffalo will suffice (easier to get being as it’s right at Walmart and protein is high enough and we’ve had her on both. We also give them raw chicken breast every night just like a quarter of a breast or less chunked. Thanks hope to hear from you.

    Just an update she is now 5 months old and close to first heat. We leave it up to future owners to choose whether to spay or not for pet or breeders rights. Thank you. ?
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