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  • Posted On: 03/10/2023
  • Title: Fox pups for sale
  • Name: Tracie
  • Location: Bellville, Ohio
  • Starting to take $100 deposit for fox pups born in March thru May. We raise a variety of foxes, reds, silvers, cross fox, silver white marks, platniums, greys, Arctics, cinnamon, champagne, amber, black marbles, red marbles, pearls and more. We will teach u training tips, provide detailed info and guide you all year long. Our tame adults are raised in clean pens, fed a diverse diet which includes a variety of meats and medically up to date on vaccines etc. We start the litter training process immediately and start breaking food aggression towards meat. They only have one litter per year so don’t wait if you want a fox pup. You can see our variety and reviews at RT FOXES central OH. Delivery may be possible to some states. Foxes take some work, they crave your attention, they bond very strongly to their owners so rehoming them is very tough on a fox. I would not recommend them for pets if your family has very small children. We have been in business for 10 years thanks to our previous buyers. Our foxes have been on covers of magazines, in movies, in many zoos and educational facilities. Thank you for considering our foxes. Please know your state laws regarding owning a pet fox.
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