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  • Posted On: 01/16/2023
  • Title: Ny-Quill, the friendly giant African crested porcupine
  • Name: Mark Rosenthal
  • Location: Belleville, Michigan
  • Ny-Quill is a 6 year old, extremely friendly, giant African crested porcupine. He was born and bottle raised here at our facility. We've used him in educational performances all over the country, and he's even been on TV numerous times! Extremely easy to work around, anyone can go into his enclosure. The only reason we're parting with him is because he's just too large for me to pick up anymore. The photo is me sitting in his enclosure hand feeding and petting him. You must be USDA licensed to purchase from us. Ny-Quill is not a house pet, but would be a perfect addition to any zoo or educational facility. Pick up is in Belleville Michigan.
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