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  • Posted On: 09/07/2022
  • Title: Well trained adult savannah cat (75% serval)
  • Name: Zachary
  • Location: San Francisco, California
  • I am looking to rehome my adult savannah cat. He is 75% serval and has beautiful features and markings. He's a wonderful pet, but I simply cannot afford to take care of him how he deserves to be taken care of.

    He is timid, but well-socialized and will play with visitors. He is trained to give both paws, kisses, to heal, to come when called, and is leash trained. He and my other cat get a long well, but we took the appropriate steps to introduce them. Happy to discuss this further if you have pets.

    He eats primal freeze-dried food, instinct rabbit dried food, and instinct rabbit canned foods. He is litter trained.

    He is truly one of the sweetest animals and it pains me to rehome him, so I will only consider homes that will offer the best care to him.
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