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  • Posted On: 06/13/2022
  • Title: Savannah Deal of the Century!
  • Name: Susan
  • Location: Perris, California
  • Pregnant Snow Savannah and her upcoming kittens! She is due to have a litter of pure SBT kittens in about 3 weeks. I will sell her and her litter minus a boy kitten for just $1,000! I am in Southern Ca. I can’t and won’t ship her. The litter should look just like the litter I’m selling now. There is a downside to this fabulous deal. The mother is wild. You cannot pick her up or hold her. She is good to her kittens and I keep her in the house always. Great using a litter box. Comes when called. But no cuddling allowed. It was a mistake this second pregnancy. I’m not allowed to have more than one cat where I live. I will have to move. Can’t hide a second litter. I have posted her photo. The fathers photo. Photo of previous baby’s. I am requesting one of the boy kittens and $1000 rehoming fee. You may text with questions. 951-933-6637 Please live nearby or plan on coming to me for pick up. TICA member
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