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  • Posted On: 11/09/2023
  • Title: macuque monkey female infant wanted
  • Name: TAMMY Dillard
  • Location: York, South Carolina
  • I would like to have a female macuque monkey added to my family . I feel she would be a great addtion to myself and my 1 year old lab/collie mix. we live on 55 acres of mostly wooded land in york sc. the land has hickory nut, walnut and persimmon trees on it it also has muscadines and passion fruit along with other fruits and eatabie plants she wood love to forage for with a watchful eye to help and guide her. I would never leave her unattended for any reason not even a bathroom call. i would do with her as i did with my own children when they livedat home and of certain age.she would come with me. I necer used sitters for my own 2 and i would not use a sitter for her either, if it was some where i was going and she could not go i would not go myself. i already have in the avent i was to die taken care of as well, my son would become her care taker if i was to pass'. I have put alot of thought and time into having a macuque monkey as my companion in my life, this is not one of those spur of the moments decissions, this has taken awhile with a lot of thought and research. i am on a fixed income .
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