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Bonnet Macaque

The bonnet macaque is a small, primate that is native to southern India. This diurnal animal reaches between one and two feet in height, plus the tale. Macaques live in large, complex social groups with established hierarchy.

No Bonnet Macaque currently listed for placement

Bonnet Macaque

The bonnet macaque is a small, primate that is native to southern India. This diurnal animal reaches between one and two feet in height, plus the tale. Macaques live in large, complex social groups with established hierarchy.

Housing a Macaque

Bonnet macaques are highly social animals and thrive in communities of other bonnet macaques so it is important that they have an enclosure that is large enough to accommodate several animals. This will allow them to establish their social groups naturally. If the enclosure has a grassy floor, the keepers can scatter seeds and grains in the grass to allow the animals to hunt for these treats. The enclosure should also have areas of natural sunlight, along with areas of shade.

What does a Macaque Eat?

Although commercial “monkey pellets” are available that satisfies the basic nutritional needs of the bonnet macaques but they are no substitute for a varied diet that is similar to what they would eat in the wild. That consists of fruits, insects, seeds, flowers, nuts, small invertebrates like slugs. Like most primates, bonnet macaques are omnivorous and need animal protein in their diet.

Enrichment for Bonnet Macaque

The emotional and mental well-being of the animal is as important as the physical well-being. Bonnet macaques in captivity will thrive is conditions are similar to those found in their native setting. They are naturally curious animals and enjoy exploring hollowed out logs or boxes, as well as working on moveable puzzles and toys. Climbing and swinging are part of their natural activities so they prefer trees, bars, branches, swings, and high platforms.

Breeding Bonnet Macaques

While mating can take place any time during the year, most bonnet macaques mate in September and October and give birth in February, March or April. The rate of growth and the achievement of sexual maturity vary among macaque communities and depend upon such factors as nutrition, social conditions, and environment. Typically, though, the females give birth for the first time when they are around four years old. The newborns stay with their mothers until they are weaned at about six or seven months old. Females will give birth approximately every two years.


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    i would love a baby can i purchase or even rescue one?
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    Hi people, just ignore the bleeding heart fools who try to shame folks for wanting a pet to love. I know a man that has a Capuchin and he loves that thing and spoils it rotten and it lives a much better life than it would in the wild. We are humans and have dominion over the creatures of earth. Treat these primates well and they will give you years of companionship.
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  • Samantha on June 15
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  • KPreston on April 30
    All information about macaques state that they THRIVE in communities with other macaques. Anyone looking for ONE macaque has only their own selfish desires in mind. If you truly love these animals then you would think of what’s best for them, not for yourselves.
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  • Tammy Gentry on October 12
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