Young High-content wolf ambassador female

Young High-content wolf ambassador female

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  • Name: Erica A.
  • Posted: 09/10/2023
  • Location: Georgia
  • ID #76905
This amazing girl is now available! Meadowlark (AKA Lark) is a 4-month-old high content who has been hand reared, hand fed and trained through our Wolf Ambassador program.

- She walks very well on a leash

- Excellent recall

- Very treat motivated

- Works well both solo and with other dogs

- Currently practicing voluntary loading into a crate

- Knows basic behaviors such as sit, lay down, hold/stay, mark/station

- No food/resource aggression towards humans (Is defensive towards other dogs of high-value food if they approach her while she's eating)

- Approaches strangers in a very sweet & submissive manner when she's feeling social, completely ignores strangers if she's not feeling social

- Good at working in strange and louder/busier areas

- She does have a bit of a prey drive, but excellent recall.

- Very, very snuggly. She's an absolute lap puppy ♥️

**- Discount rates available for USDA & Zoological facilities


**- Proof of proper enclosure required

**- Spay contract required - no breeding

**- Proof of prior experience is required for private ownership

Visit for information about our pups and instructions to begin the puppy application process. Thank you for looking!


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