List of animals available

List of animals available

  • REFERENCE ONLY: Animals listed have been sold or removed.
  • Name: Cloud 9 Exotics and Encounters
  • Posted: 06/22/2023
  • Location: Mississippi
  • ID #76133
Prices a listed below. Talk to your spouse/partner before messaging me. We are USDA licensed. These animals are spread between 3 of our facilities in 3 different states. LA, TX, and FL. We are heading to Houston TX within the next week or two and can meet there. Also can arrange transportation to other states.

Unique exotics:

1.3.3 egyptian fruit bats $5500

2 baby owl monkeys (1) female (1) unsexed $11,00 each or $19,000 for both

1 baby female warthog $3500

1 baby male coatimundi $1500

waiting on more details:

1 squirrel monkey- just weaned

1 zebra male 2-4 wks old

1 6 banded armadillo baby

male otters


hedgehogs both male & female $100/$150

chinchillas both male and female $350

tenrec female $450


leopard geckos x4 $50 ea

bearded dragon $150

cornsnake $100

GHI female ball python $250

Kingpin male ball python $200

crested gecko male with bio enclosure and

lily white female with bio enclosure $1000 obo


high red green cheek x2 $750 ea $1200 for 2

red sided green cheek x1 $550


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