1.2 Eurasian Lynx Cubs Available

1.2 Eurasian Lynx Cubs Available

  • REFERENCE ONLY: Animals listed have been sold or removed.
  • Name: Tanya
  • Posted: 05/30/2022
  • Location: New York
  • ID #70643
1.2 Eurasian Lynx cubs born April 20, 2022, handraised.

Cubs have beautifully marked coats like their father. These cats have been bred for temperament to utilize as outreach education animals. Dam was utilized at another facility for daily onsite shows, sire traveled the country for programs (both well into adulthood, then they were paired for breeding project) and previous progeny are also solid outreach animals, including a 2017 cat that we maintain at our facility - he is our most reliable outreach education cat.

***Please indicate in your inquiry email that you are with a USDA licensed facility - these cats are NOT pets!!!!!***

Trades/partial trades considered for following animals:

- Glove trained Peregrine Falcon

-Clouded Leopard kitten for education

-Cinereous Vulture (breeding/exhibit)

- Tawny Owl (male to pair with our female for breeding)

-Milky Eagle Owl (breeding or education)

-Great Grey Owl (breeding, exhibit or education)

-Scops Owl (education or breeding)


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