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  • Posted On: 01/14/2023
  • Title: African Pygmy Dormice (aka Micro-Squirrels, Pocket Squirrels)
  • Name: Harry
  • Location: Orlando, Florida
  • Meet the sweetest, cutest micro-pet you will ever come across (if you can find one!!) These rare cuties are known by a few names, most commonly called Micro Squirrels or African Pygmy Dormice.

    We have several ready for new homes:

    Juveniles (10+ weeks): $100/ea ($200 for 2)

    We accept cash and Zelle

    IMPT - These little guys are not just social, but communal, which means they actually require at least one other bushy-tailed friend with whom to live (of course, the more the merrier!!)

    New pups available first week of October!!

    What are Dormice?

    If you’re unfamiliar with dormice, they are actually not mice!! They’re instead related to squirrels and have pretty cute squirrelly behaviors, like climbing, eating nuts sitting upright on their little haunches, and of course, standing for many many seconds, perfectly still like little statues, very suddenly and for no reason at all!

    Needless to say, we fell in love with them the very first time we held one. And we quickly discovered that they are way cleaner and easier to take care of than hamsters and similar rodents. But probably most importantly, they don’t smell! At all!! (I’m looking at you, sugar gliders and short-tailed possums!!) We have 11 in our largest habitat and watching them run their little hearts out all night is a joyful spectacle.

    Kids really love them as well, their small size and friendly personalities make them great companion animals for school-aged children. Plus they don’t bite.

    What can I say? They do not bite, they do not smell, what more can you ask for??

    One last thing - we truly believe we have the most tame, affectionate and cuddly micro-squirrels around. Each of our little guys spends multiple hours a day in our pockets - every pocket - multiple days a week, every single week until they go to new homes. We’re kind of addicted to them.

    Please contact us if you’d like to adopt or reserve!
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