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  • Posted On: 03/27/2023
  • Title: 2 New species of hybrids serval sphynx
  • Name: Meadow Thorne
  • Location: Tampa, Florida
  • I have 2 litters of of new species of hybrids. First litter is a serval ,bobcat and highland lynx mom and father rare Calcio sphynx. Moms has Polydacto feet bobtail and elf ears. Due April fools one spot left one time only bred friends cat then she's spayed Last Pic is her

    My other new speices hybrids will be 75 % sphynx and 25 serval bloodlines. These are my second generation praying for naked serval sphynxs . Third generation will be serval n half sphynx n New species finally will be registered.

    F1 sphynxs all these bred back to sphynx Will carry some beautiful rare Genetic mutation and colors and make new sphynx babies those wondering. Is available for breeding rights or contracts with a spay or neuter.

    These cats will be high energy these cats do have some high exotic content they will be climbers they will be jumpers they could be destructive they might need special diets and they cannot have cheap cat litter

    my sphynx is my service animal a rare Calcio male so I can help with service or esa animals Cats or exotics
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