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  • Posted On: 06/08/2023
  • Title: Monkeys
  • Name: Michelle Lewis
  • Location: Hopewell, Virginia
  • hi i am looking to adopt not buy a pet monkey. I know sometimes things happen and people may need to find good homes for their pets. I can promise a great home with tons of love and attention he ir she will never be alone. I use to work for an exotic breeding farm years ago and took care of the primates. i fostered many till they were sold. im now hoping to find one needing a home i can travel to you and can offer a great home . they are legal in my state. im 45 so im not a child who doesn't know what I'm getting into. if you have a baby your looking to place please don't hesitate to contact me . desperately looking. thank you for your time. Velvets. Spiders. Capuchin macaques
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