95+% Arctic Wolfdog Males

95+% Arctic Wolfdog Males

Price: $3,000.00
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  • Name: Sophie Navarre
  • Posted: 05/28/2023
  • Phone: 4404774800
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  • Location: Indiana
  • ID #75760
We have last-minute openings for two Arctic-type HC boys.

Ultra HC 95+%.

Four full generations of verified lineage.

Arctic-type with about 40% true Arctic heritage. This line can be slow to phase out to white. They will be white with dark guard hairs by the time they are yearlings.

Bottle-fed and raised indoors with lots of early socialization.

Disposition of these boys is gentle, calm, easy-going, and observant.

Not for beginners. A habitat-style enclosure, wolf/wolfdog experience, and residence in a legal area are required. Would make excellent ambassadors and educators.

References are available.

Full rights are granted with discretion, so for those who think this is their chance to snap up a leftover animal at the end of the season, keep moving.

Also, we have two puppies going the Best Coast, so if you think we’re too far away these boys can hitch a ride.


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