HP (75%) F1 Savannah

HP (75%) F1 Savannah

Price: $5,000.00
I am looking to rehome my adult savannah cat (2 years old). He is 75% serval and has beautiful features and markings. He's a wonderful pet, but my financial situation has changed and I simply cannot afford to take care of him how he deserves to be taken care of.

He is timid, but well-socialized and will play with visitors. He is trained to give both paws, kisses, to heal, to come when called, and is leash trained. He and my other cat get a long well, but we took the appropriate steps to introduce them. I will also consider rehoming them together, if interested in the two. Happy to discuss this further if you have pets.

He eats primal freeze-dried food, instinct rabbit dried food, and instinct rabbit canned foods. He is litter trained and I can clip his nails with relative ease.

He is truly one of the sweetest animals and it pains me to rehome him, so I will only consider homes that will offer the best care to him.


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