Micro Squirrels

Micro Squirrels

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  • Name: KyTy Critters
  • Posted: 07/01/2022
  • Phone: 8166087784
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  • Location: Missouri
  • Website: http://www.kytycritters.com
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Visit www.kytycritters.com for more information including pricing, shipping information, prices, availability, and more details!!!!

Feel free to shoot us a text with any questions you have not answered by our website.

All babies come with a lifetime of support.

USDA licensed


  • Anonymous on May 11
    Hello I would like to buy a squirrel 🐿️ or a pair if possible Please so i wants to know how much their price, and thank you. Please reply as soon as possible.😊
  • Kathleen M Schwoch on April 25
    Wondering about cost. I have 40+ years of ex with exotic. I would love a micro squirrel and transportation.
  • Anonymous on April 8
    Hello I would like to buy a squirrel 🐿️ or a pair if possible Please and thank you
  • Cib on March 23
    I love squirrels
  • Michael Kraker on March 22
    Hello. My Name Is Michael. My Wife and I Had Baby squirrel, new born with his eyes closed still. When I would feed him he opened his eyes and we were best buds. Best pet I ever had. They don’t smell, when they go potty they don’t smell. He would play bite my finger. I had to give him up. I lost my job and life difficult. I miss him. So my question to you is how much are you asking for your micro squirrels . Thank You. Michael
  • Bobbie Napier on March 2
    how much does it cost and can it be shipped to me in North Carolina
  • Sharon Y Craig on February 21
    interested in either male or female squirrel.
  • Roy Thibodaux on January 24
    i live in south louisiana. how much for single and a mating pair? bought separately. are they babies or, are they older? how do you ship them for less stress possible? Thank You! Jesus
  • Gina amaya on January 23
    Q precio tiene una pareja y si las puedes enviar ?
  • Ryan Rays on January 2
    Interested in the micro squirrels... how much are they? I'm thinking I should get as a pair so. They feel safe with each other
  • Tina Williams on December 12
    How much are the squirrels an could they be shipped would they have to be picked up
  • Ethan Stone on December 5
    how much are they a piece